Wisdom from the Sapling Forest



10499555_10204322255565747_8120356634308856198_oThe saplings weren’t engaging me very much lately. I was wondering why. They were all potted and I only needed to water them to meet their needs. But today I went out and tended them. I transplanted a couple of them and then they started to engage me. What they told me is that when I don’t give them attention, they withdraw from interacting with me. They said this is a universal principle. If you want to engage anything, you have to tend it by giving it your attention. This includes, your garden, your family, your health, the world and love itself. This explains why some people have such rich interactions with their pets and others and some have superficial relationships. It is because the deeper you engage something, the more rich the interaction. Can you imagine a world where everyone engaged life at a deeper level?

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