A Zen State of Being- Technique from the Trees


People open up their energy above them like a tree opens up their branches. But trees also open up their energy below them in the way they stretch out their roots. Both the branches and the roots arch around the body creating a protective orb of energy. The tree is still open and receptive but still protected in the orb of openness.

People do not do this. Since they usually don’t open up and arc their energy below them and only some people open up the energy above them, they remain in a vulnerable state. What they have learned to do is recoil or curl up in a protective ball. But this is not Joy, Loving, Abundance, Freedom or Wholeness. It is a vulnerable state.

Imagine yourself as a mighty oak. They have the best analogy for deep strong root and great branches. Feel your energy dig deep into the Universe below your feet. Forget about the ground. For this purpose, the earth gets in the way as being too solid. Stretch out those roots and arc them open to slightly curl back up as a mirror to how branches curl down.

Now open up the energy above as if you were opening up your arms and even extending them more; like branches. Imagine the energy of the tips of what would be your branches extend to connect with the tips of the energy that would be your roots. See them coming together all around you until you are wrapped in this energetic orb of your own gratitude and openness. You are now open, yet contained, expansive and yet not vulnerable. This is a zen state of being.

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