Peace on Earth


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

When the Law of the land is to see value in every individual
Not as a collective grunt to dominate…
Control, enslave, imprison, desecrate, invalidate or throw away

But as awesome individuals….each a jewel to cultivate
Compressed from unique experience
Faceted to contribute according to their abilities
Shimmering in their purpose…

Each mind a plethora of knowledge
With the ability to discern and self govern
Each heart beating in rhythm with humanity
Each being a song with a sacred quality

Always bettering ourselves generation after generation
With the ultimate goal of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness for ALL
Not merely those who have been born with the “right skin color, tax bracket, gender, sexual orientation, etc..

But ALL!
It is then that we will all be endowed with
Peace on Earth

Jen Ward

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