Humanity’s Zest


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Hate is not devotion

Rhetoric is never the truth

Opinions are mish mash of conditioning and lies

We then shove down the throat of our youth


Showing Kindness is not inconvenient

Fears wants to prevent us from taking this stance

Wishing others ill will is cursing ourselves

Yet its a good part of society’s dance


Saying you Love God yet begrudging another

Is hypocrisy at its best

Its the kindness, compassion and sincerity we give

That gives humanity its zest


You are the person reflecting to you

Different viewpoints are all your own kin

It doesn’t matter their gender, species or size….

Beliefs, preferences or even color of skin


You are empowered to bring God to earth

By seeing love shining through everyone’s eyes

And realizing that everything that does not support love

Is part of the rhetoric and lies.


Jen Ward 7/6/17




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