Are You Positive?


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Dogs don’t hear negatives. If you say “no Bark”, they only hear the word bark and continue to bark to please you.

It is the same way with our own mind. If one says. “I don’t want to be fat”, it basically hears I want to be fat and will continue to serve you as it has.

Technique: Frame everything that you want to accomplish with strong positive words. It makes it even more positive to put the statement in the moment.

Instead of saying, I don’t want to be broke all the time; change it to I AM so rich! It doesn’t even matter if you are saying it tongue in cheek. In fact you can make it a game with the family. Call it the opposite game.

If your daughter wants to express that she is feeling unattractive, make her say it to you in the opposite, “I am so beautiful”. If your boys are feeling lazy, tell them they have to tell you in the opposite; “I am feeling so peppy today”. See how this internal dialogue helps the general dynamics of the family.

Also, when we are discouraged about world events, we talk about them and add more grief to the world. If someone says something positive, we label them as being out of touch. Maybe they are just using this technique. I know I am.

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