Perpetuate Love


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We have been conditioned to use our energy to keep people and experiences out when it is the nature of life to flow. This is a waste of our potential. It keeps us locked in an unnatural paralyzed state of holding up intangible walls. Let the turret crumble. Let the torrent energy flow. Let it rise, recede, wax, wane, flood, evaporate and reach its natural level. Add all your love and capabilities into the wonderful mix.

Make mistakes, bleed, lose at love, stumble, gracefully hold an unpopular stance, make peace with your demons and send them on their way with a flask and a slap on the back.

Hold the concept of love as gently and with the same conviction as a trembling new bird. Watch it travel on the wind as a wandering seed hellbent on its whimsical convictions. See love settle amongst grains of truth to set out it’s roots. Watch love grow like a weed and flourish in a garden of its own making. Be the proprietor of love in this world. See kindness as it’s steward.

Ride the love and unroll your own masts. Revel in a perpetual state of your own unfurling. See the love, be the love, blend with the love, continue the loving journey. Encourage as many along the way as you will. Love and kindness will prevail. It is the natural bounty of all.

One thought on “Perpetuate Love

  1. Thank you Jen For Ever Encouraging and Demonstrating how To F L O W ..!! I Really, Really Appriceiate It !! ( and so does Humanity !! Much Love to you Jen..much Love


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