Love Verified


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

People aren’t in your life to give up on
Dreams aren’t created just to die
Love is not an antiquated notion.
We are not merely meant to get by

People are here to teach, heal and serve
Dreams are a blueprint to thrive
Love is meant to open the floodgates
That were closed in an attempt to survive

The body is not a vessel to store pain
The emotions are not fuel to ache
The mind is not here to limit your passion
Your purpose is not meant to forsake

You are greater than any limitation
You are Awareness personified
Your mind is capable of breaking through all illusion
Your existence in love verified

Stop seeing from the lowest of vantage points
Stop believing the worst til the end.
It is you who has always been empowered within
When you realize this, you’ll transcend.

Jen Ward 7/8/15

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