The Thing About Soul Mates


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Here is the thing. If someone is your soul mate and you are meant to be together, it will easily fall into place. NOTHING in the Universe can keep you apart. But if you have to finagle, obsess, manipulate, and break ties with a perfectly good family or spouse, most likely the person is not your soul mate.

People have romanticized soul mates so much that they have built this expectation around them that they are going to swoop in with the fanfare and the passion of prince charming or the grace and allure of a princess. That is not the case. Sometimes, getting thrilled by your soul mate can be compared to: do you thrill yourself? They are comfortable and as constant as your own company.

So many people I know want to throw away or dismiss a perfectly good relationship because it doesn’t thrill them with unbridled passion. What if your soul mate is so comfortable to you that there is no thrill there; but a deep constant warming respect and enjoyment to be around? Are you going to throw it away because of hype?

Look around you. Build on the love that you have right in front of you. Stop building castles in the air but build dreams on the ground with roots and foundation. Don’t throw anyone away or count them out because they are not stimulating you in course meaningless ways that fall away eventually anyway. Be wise and present with all you do and all you love.

Those around you that make you smile, care about your little needs and think about you daily are important to your fulfillment. Dissolve the arrogance that says these things don’t matter. On the contrary. They are what the Universe and love are built upon.

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