Universal Upliftment


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

One of the reasons that the group sessions are so effective is that we do them with the intention of assisting all souls everywhere. In doing this, we are not merely trying to live in a vacuum of joy while everyone else is miserable. We have an understanding that our joy is contingent on the joy of others. The “them vs. Us” mentality is becoming obsolete. We are merely hold the pure intention to speed up the process.

The sessions are felt in the core of our being and emanate out to all humanity. The world is not such a bleak place anymore. There is not only a light at the end of the tunnel, there is a light within every human heart and living atom. We assist in moving away the stagnant clouds of energy so that it can emanate and be effective to the quality of life for the individual and to all.

Do you feel that hint of happiness that is permeating the ether? Perhaps there is an azure glean to the day? Join us for the group sessions and be a part of the advancement of humanity, Invisible forces have been working towards this goal for the span of human history. I have come here lifetime after lifetime to perform the simple task of uplifting the consciousness of the lower worlds. I have been honing the skills to be as effective as I am at this time. You have been honing your skills as well.

It no longer serves anyone to blend or conform. This is the time to stretch our capacity of understanding and awareness, to expand our consciousness so to feel the plight of all souls, to stop cowering in a shriveling mound of flesh like a cold human scrotum; but to rise to every occasion and belief. To be more than we possible realized we can be.

You are indeed as dynamic as I envision you. Please look at yourself with new eyes so you can actualize that realization for yourself.. Love! Love others, Love you, love all! We are so beautiful when we love and embrace the whole Universe as our personal landscape. I love you all! How can I not, you are all so beautiful. Anything other than that reality is a lie and an illusion. Come join us on the sessions and rid yourself of all delusions of lack. http://www.jenuinehealing.com/group-sessions/


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