Check List for Friendship


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Always be truthful

Don’t do things you secretly resent (that is not truthful)

Friendship is not a dumping service. This is using each other. If it is done continually, you are just smearing around the issues and muddling the relationship

Stroking the ego is manipulative, not genuine. It gets old.

Enabling is using someone for a crutch. It is not friendship to dis-empower someone

A friend should have the same code of ethics as a therapist. If something is shared, it is not fodder for conversation ever.

Pitting friends against each other is paying some kind of competitive game. One should be able to relax around friends not be in defense mode.

Sharing the same dysfunction is not friendship if one is using the other to stay dysfunctional. Friends see the best in each other not use each other as an excuse or a means to get a fix.

If gossip or complaining (venting) is your connection, it is keeping you immersed to very low vibration. They are dysfunctions.

Insults, criticism and passive aggressive remarks are not for friends. They are for adversaries; if at all.

Friends see the best in each other and bring that out

There is no need for competition. This is displaying past lives of rivalry and you may be connected out of habit.

Friends make each other feel better. If one is always feeling better than an other. Then the “other” is being used in a sense.

Being a friend is not an easy pass to diminish another in any way. The line, “I don’t want to see you get hurt” precludes something that is hurtful.

Friends support, nurture, and uplift each other. They don’t use the other to feel better about themselves, feel entitled to squelch a person’s dreams or to limit them in any way.

Friends have clear boundaries when it comes to who the other person is dating. If you are uncomfortable with your friend being around your partner, then there is probably a reason. Friends are beyond reproach.

When we maintain a certain standard for what we allow in our lives, and how we will be treated, we train others around us how to be treated.

Pay attention to your actions because they speak louder than words. You are forging your resume of self-respect as you respect others

A friend is someone who you can relax your atoms around. If you feel like you are defensive or compromised in any way being around someone, it isn’t worth the price of being uncomfortable in your skin.

The fear of being alone should not be the reason to be friends. The one thing worse than being alone, is being used.

You can never lose the amount of love you have right now. If you must let go of someone because it does not better you to be around them, let them go. Once you create that vacuum, the Universe will fill it with someone more suited to enhance your intention to be a better person.

You should be your very best friend. Never diminish, debase, or dilute your empowerment to serve the needs of another. If you give service and sacrifice out of love, it is never diminishing, debasing or dis-empowering.

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