Putting the Humanity back into Humanity

I am here to help people with the upgrade and remove themselves from linear enslavement. It is what we are witnessing everyone break free of right now. Linear existence has been the way to enslave the masses. It has squelched creativity and self empowerment.
Individuals have diluted their effectiveness by donating it to fortify groups. These are the same groups that diminish us. The fix is to withdraw all our energy from groups and to regain our individual empowerment. It is like taking the foundation out of power structures little by little until they crumble of their own accord.
This is also what we are witnessing. It seems scary. But it is necessary for humanity to re-calibrate to respecting individuality and returning reverence back to life. Individuals have been diluted and leached of all of their good qualities. It is a kind of human fracking.
Since I have such an understanding of energy, I am assisting the people who do the taps I post, in how to take back their essence from the power structures, and regain their personal integrity. Along with that, people need to adopt a better way of treating each other so there is some education in that department too.
We have been pitted against each other and used to diminish ourselves to benefit an ignoble intention. An example of that is black on black crimes. This is done by infusing mainly black neighborhoods with easy access drugs and handguns which keeps people in defense mode more readily than allowing them to focus on a better quality of life.
The more people who awaken to what is necessary in taking back our empowerment from groups, the more quickly humanity can regain its humanity. The more people who have the luxury of understanding this because they are not immersed in survival mode, the more this awareness can awaken the masses.
The more people who do the taps I post with the intention of assisting others who aren’t able to assist themselves yet in this way, the greater immediate impact we will have on the consciousness of the planet.

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