How to Be a Good Listener


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There is no multitasking when you listen to someone. Truly listening to someone, entails catching energy that they are “throwing”. To be distracted by other things is missing the “ball”.
Listen from the vantage point of the talker. As if these things could be happening to you. Otherwise, sheaths of opinions will block your ability to receive.
When you talk to children, meet them at their level. If they have friends, treat them with respect too; even if they are stuffed or plastic.
When someone is upset about something that seems silly, scan your own memory banks of a time you can remember feeling that way. This will help you not shut down in judgement.
If you don’t understand a point, don’t nod and agree. This is disrespectful and dishonest. Simply interject that you are having trouble following the point they are making and ask for clarification.
Don’t indulge those who talk too much, complain too much, or spew anger. Being a good listener is not a form of masochism.
If you don’t agree with someone, don’t pretend to, to be polite. This is actually rude because you are not honoring them enough to be honest. Just say, “I love you but I don’t get that point”. If it continues, then they don’t respect you and you must honor yourself and shut down the interaction.
If someone continuously drains you by wanting to use you to vent, talk about problems, complain, gossip or debate; then you are not listening to your own body that is telling you to remove yourself from this dynamic. If you do it because nobody else listens to them, you are being a martyr. The reason others are not listening to them is because it is not health for them. People literally make themselves sick by continually taking in low-level vibrations this way.
If you are forced into a situation where you have to be around a negative person. You can retrain them to be positive around you. When a person says negative things, ignore them and don’t bite. Pretend you didn’t even hear them. When they do get around to saying something positive, jump on it by engaging them. This is a means of rewarding them for positive behavior. This is how to retrain a human.
Listen to your inner sensors like your “gut” or “heart” in regards to all matter. You will never lie to yourself so never betray yourself by ignoring your truth. Listening to yourself is as important as listening to others.
Always be truthful in a kind pleasant way. Don’t tolerate things just to avoid conflict or to prevent hurting someone’s feelings. Your feelings matter too. You need to honor yourself as well as the other person. Truth resonates at a similar frequency of love so if you are just being polite and going through the motions, you are being less loving than being honest.
People want to know how to communicate with animals. It is no different from communicating with people. When you put as much reverence in to every interaction, every interaction will start to speak volumes. All of life will speak with you if your merely learn to listen in energy instead of in words.
Our pets problems may seem quaint but they are important issues to them. When your pet is hungry or wants a treat, it is no less important than when you are craving a snack. When they are sniffing out on their walk, realize that is their time to unwind and relieve stress. It is no different from you wanting to veg out in front of the TV. Realize what they are feeling like before you just dismiss their issues.
Listen to your inner promptings. They are truth trying to be heard. Never dismiss your dreams, passions, desires or hopes as a fancy. They are the precipice of a deep journey of awakening. Listening intently to the things that make you happy, is dipping a toe into your omniscience.
Encourage the impossible in others. Never be the dismal voice of reason. That voice has been used to squelch and diminish generation after generation. Be the one people come to who want to be encouraged or inspired. By doing this, you are someone’s “break in the clouds”.
If you need wise counsel, sit under a tree. People don’t understand the correlation between their own inspiration and what a tree is feeding them in assistance. The way to start making that connection is by spending time with a tree and seeing how your direction becomes more clear in doing so.

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