A Sacrifice Beyond Death

3rd of july 020 - Copy

© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Those who say they love America say they will lay down their life for America. As if that is so hard to do. Anyone who feels helpless, lost or unimportant, at one time or another thinks about ending their life.Isn’t that what all these radicals are doing as they gun down innocent people? SO what is so glorious about doing what every lunatic with a gun and a vendetta fantasizes about doing?

If you truly love America and would do anything to keep America safe, then you would be willing to look at your own subtle bigotry and rigidness to see how it is getting in the way of a United America. Anyone can go out n a blaze of glory. This is a primal fantasy of anyone with an ingrained warrior mentality.

But are you willing to concede to kindness? Are you willing to walk in another man’s shoes? Are you willing to look at what your life would be like if you wore another hue of skin, or a different gender or sexual orientation. Would you sweep your special intolerance under the blanket of “Them vs us”? Or would you be able to love any child of any race or species as if it was produced by your own loins?

Please don’t tell me you will die for this country. Please tell me you will live and fight intolerance. You will sit with what makes you uncomfortable until you can adopt a wider viewpoint of it. Please tell me that you are a brave American. Brave enough to face the unknown together with the uncertainty of a fresh start.

Doing that will make me respect you beyond anything else. The world is waiting for you to shift your stance and to be present with the rest of humanity. You are important. You matter as much as anyone else. But not because you will sacrifice your life to death but because you will sacrifice your life to love.

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