The Alchemy of Love


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Love is like water in that it can be transformed to liquid, solid or gas. We have kept love in a solid state for way too long. Given a gift or given your love to just one person at a time is keeping love in a solid state. It is easier to control and doesn’t spill on others but the person who is handling the love feels special and in charge.

This is what some religions have done with love. They keep it to acts of devotion and staying within the confines of their faith. They use stringent doctrine to gauge Love. That is a very solid love. The reason prayer has been so important is that it converts love to a liquid or gaseous state but within the confines of a religion. It is still a very stringent form of love.

A liquid state of love is shared in doing kindness for others and having that love spill over into others that are privy to the interaction. It is being loving to your family but not only to your family, other forms of life and all individuals. Love is fluid in the lives of some.

Gaseous love is living life with a deep reverence and gratitude. Gratitude is formless and can be breathed into the body with no conscious intention or need to try. They person is so immersed in love that gratitude just permeates their very atoms. They have achieved the alchemy of turning love into a gaseous state. And all those around them can partake of the graciousness of their abilities. This is a love that can rejuvenate the world.

The more we all transform love into a fluidity and then something others partake of through osmosis, the more we transform the very ether of life. This is how we uplift consciousness. We do this by putting no conditions on love or who or what we love. The more we make love available to all, the more love will permeate and uplift all of life.

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