The Journey


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We are all on the road to the heart of love and truth. At first,we need to walk this road with others because they give us comfort and encouragement. But along the way, the road gets more narrow and others will veer off the road.

They will believe that they are still on the path of truth but you know the difference because the feeling of truth and love is so personal and distinct that it is felt when you are veering off and recognized when someone else is falling off as well. As a matter of fact, a good gauge for knowing if you are veering off the path of truth is by recognizing it in the people around you that you identify with. If they start seeming petty or judgmental, you may have to look at your own journey if these are the people you so closely identify with.

At some point, everyone has a choice to make. They can stay with the group that they have started out on the journey with, even if they are veering off the road of truth. Or they can separate from their group to stay directly on the course of truth.

Some people will leave the group that they started the journey with and join another group that seems to still be going in the direction of truth. They may stay with this group for a while and try another group that is headed directly into the heart of truth. But all groups seem to veer off.

There comes a point in a person’s self discovery that they realize that they have outgrown the need for groups or that groups have outgrown their usefulness or even worse, that their whole group has veered off the path of love long ago. You can tell this by their actions and doctrine.

If one individual or one group of individuals in not honored within the group , then the group has veered off the path of love. A clue that one is veering off the path with a group is, in their heart is that they look at the doctrine of their group and realize that it no longer pertains to them. They are so tired and weary from the journey that they prefer to just keep going relentlessly into the heart of love and rather than micro manage others that are on the journey,

They get so tired of the attention put on the perimeters of the journey, rather than the love and truth, that they separate from the group, as painful as it might be because they choose love and truth over the companionship of those on the journey. The group may get angry with them and believe they are doomed. They curse and throw aspersions on the person as that person continues to walk straight into the heart of love and truth.

Jesus talked about the narrowness of the path when he talked about the difficulties of a rich man to go through the eye of a needle. If Jesus knew how his teachings were going to be used to threaten people into staying in a group, he would have spoken about that as well. He would have said how difficult it is for one who belittles and control others to pass into the heart of love.

The path becomes too narrow for any group. But some may need the comfort level of their peers more than they desire love and truth. The razor’s edge is actually having one foot in this wold and balancing it with one foot in the higher worlds of divinity. How is this done when every group has contempt for you for forsaken them to go alone into the heart of truth?

You see those who are farther along on the path of truth. They are the unique individuals who don’t even realize how unique they are. They are the tree huggers that groups have demonized. They are the ones that have compassion for life in all forms. They are the ones who look around at the groups and try to tell them that they are veering off into a ditch.

But eventually they realize that the group that has veered off of truth is part of the process of understanding truth and they just treat everyone as an individual where ever they are on the journey and see all beings with the eyes of love and truth. They no longer wish to change anyone who doesn’t want to be changed, But helps anyone who truly wants to further themselves on the path of love.

They will walk with others for a while and share what they have learned from the expansiveness of truth and even make the journey easier for them. But never by creating a group again. Always as individuals. Because a person’s relationship with love and truth is so sacred and personal, that no one has a right to taint it with manipulation or fear. That is a sign that the person or group isn’t as far on the journey as they once believed.

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