The Spiritual Freedom of Accountability


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

I surprise myself when I hold people accountable to their words and actions. The Ancient ones gave me this analogy to understand the value in holding others accountable. We believe we are riding along on a river to God. But the human consciousness puts conditions on the journey as we meander along.

The banks of the river narrow the path as we go until the human consciousness narrows the path by limitations until there is no passage left. This is when the person will cross to continue again in another boat of a human body.

But…with the accountability, I am helping break down the river banks so the river can continue to widen and flow. For those on a more spiritually aware journey, the banks are broken away to such a degree that the person realizes that they are not on a river but in an ocean.

They no longer need to travel a narrow band to get to truth. Truth is exponential in all directions. They are free to discover truth in so many different ways. Everyone is no led down the river.. They are expanding into exponential Joy, Love, Abundance, Wholeness and freedom.

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