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Psychic manipulation is really heavy right now. There is a balm of it like heavy smoke that we all have been immersed in. It affects our moods, interactions with others, the way we feel about the world and diminishes our enthusiasm for life. My writings, comments techniques and everything I say pierces this balm so others can be free of an energetic choke hold.

What I post is not opinions, or musings. They are equivalent to an energetic machete sometimes and sometimes a surgeon’s scalpel. They cut away all the dead energy that collects on the individual that feels like their own skin. When my words or posts seem “cutting”. They literally are. They are lobbing off dead energy and piercing through to the fresh raw new skin of your own empowerment.

Once is awhile someone will stumble on my page and start leaving their opinions or advice for others. These comments are just more of the dead energy that I am cutting off. They get offended many times when I don’t engage them in a polite banter. These dead thoughts and opinions have been programmed into them and they adopt them as their truth. They are ugly tentacles that suffocate one’s beauty of originality.

Psychic energies are trying real hard to regain control over humanity. It used to be so easy for them. But every attempt is failing. Everything we see in the news or read in what’s trending is an attempt to distract the populace from the truth. The truth is that these psychic influences that affect those with any affluence or notoriety, do not want the individuals to be empowered.

Psychic energies want us pitted against each other. They don’t care about the quality of life here on earth. They don’t mind if earth is dead lifeless energy and if humans are all pawns or even better yet drones. I see through them. I am stripping away their facade with every post and every technique or set of exercises that I share. Anyone who follows my posts regularly or does the techniques that I share is assisting in cutting through the debilitating psychic stronghold that others are still struggling with.

I have come here to do this. I have been supported in this purpose by the ancient ones. With every private or group session, I am stripping away more of the facade of the old world. Sometimes in the group sessions, all those on the call will get a sense of the Ancient One’s great approval and appreciation for what I do.

One of the things that happens on the group calls is that the individuals in the group get a sense of perceiving in energy. It involves subtle senses that we have little reference point in articulating right now. Yet giving people this awareness and ability to open up these senses in themselves is part of what I do.

So yes I get annoyed when people affront my page with their worldly insights. The words I post are just carrying agents for dynamic energy work. They are not meant to banter around and get lost in I have already moved on to the next incision. I hope this helps some people understand who I am and what I am about. By knowing this, they can more easily benefit from what I share. That is what matters to me.

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