What is Causing Your Mood?


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Every negative thought, fear, twinge of anger or belief that comes to you is an opportunity to challenge it and move on, or recoil into a lesser state of freedom. As something comes into you psyche, challenge where it came from. Ask yourself what transaction created or uncovered this?

  • Was it the chemicals in your food, or even the consciousness of the components that sacrificed itself for this meal?
  • Was it the indifference of the workers who cooked the meal, packaged the ingredients, or delivered it to your table?
  • Was it an exchange that happened with a friend?
  • Is someone that you care about going through something and you opened a window to their pain through sympathy or sadness?
  • Is it someone using you to strengthen their case in a discussion?
  • Did you watch something on TV that manipulated your emotions for entertainment or triggered a past life?
  • Is some Group using you as a pawn to pass an agenda or strengthen their position in the world?
  • Are your emotions being manipulated for the gain of some political party.
  • Is someone profiting off of your devoted stance?
  • Is your faith, loyalty, devotion or integrity being challenged to draw you closer into a group consensus?
  • Are fears being triggered to keep you loyal to a group and triggering the primal urge to belong.
  • Are you going deeper into your own realms of self awareness and naturally releasing all that is not truly you?
  • Are you realizing who you are beyond all the confines of articulation?

You are an individual atom of love in the heart of God. Nothing anyone can say or do can remove you from your true essence. Everything that challenges you is meant to strengthen your awareness of yourself as a continually awakening, loving being,

Here is your proof: Even when everything around you seems hopeless and gloomy, you never lose your ability to know yourself as loving and kind at the core. Right? That is because you are love at the core. All else is the illusion that outer conditions have tried to put on you. You are only loving if……..You can only be special if…… You only matter if……NO! Those are all lies!

This is the time to reject the lies and accept the beauty and wonder of who you are; love and loved beyond all outer feelings, beliefs and circumstances. This is the time to accept your rightful place in the heart of love and demonstrate love as your mainstay. By doing so, you defy all that has tried to define or diminish you. You prevail as pure love.

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