Which One does your energy support?


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Old paradigm- sit on one’s gifts and figure out how to make a buck out of them.
New paradigm – give freely and trust abundance.
Old paradigm- worry about the ills of the world
New paradigm- Use all your talents and gifts to uplift the world

Old paradigm- Compare yourself to others
New paradigm- Be freakishly unique

Old paradigm – Judge others
New paradigm- Too busy sharing our gifts to sabotage others

Old paradigm- Form opinions fed to us by those that profit from them
New paradigm- Tap into innate wisdom and think for one’s self

Old paradigm- Worship Money
New paradigm- Appreciate abundance in all forms

Old paradigm- Think people especially white males are superior.
New paradigm- Honor life in all forms; including rock and vegetation

Old paradigm- Use only the five senses
New paradigm- Honor the perception of the heart and mind connection

Old paradigm- think and live linearly
New paradigm- experience all in concentric cohesive harmony and balance

Old paradigm- Divide and conquer, them against us
New paradigm- inter-connectedness, everybody matters.

Old paradigm- might vs right
New paradigm- everyone matters

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