Being Okay with You

Rita's birthday 064

© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

You don’t need to be the best
You don’t need to rally support
You don’t need to coerce others
You don’t need to edify yourself
You don’t need to diminish others to shine
You don’t need to take others off their path
There’s no need to compete
You don’t need to be worshiped
You don’t need to be “The Great One’
You don’t need to make others wrong to prove you are right
If you hide behind an altruistic goal, you are wearing a mask
Truth doesn’t come in like the great Oz
It’s shown to those who are able to slip through the cracks where the ego can’t go
It is revealed to the humble present heart.
What God reveals to us can be interpreted billions of different ways
One can nurture truth without putting their stamp on it.
You don’t need followers to be a leader
It is better to lose one’s mind than get lost in it.
Starting a new religion is cheesy this late in the game
This is the age of individuality
May being herded be an obsolete mentality
The ever present inner connectedness is the new black
Love leads
Power bleeds
Truth succeeds
When ignorance recedes.
Jen Ward

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