Expound The Moment


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Whatever you are doing…..
Savor it like that first bite after a long hunger
Be as transfixed by it as the final game of your team and it’s rival
Anticipate it like the first kiss of a love at first sight
Prolong it like a dreaded goodbye of a kindred spirit
Dote on it like your long anticipated first newborn
Get lost in it like the life’s accomplishment of your favorite author
Escape in it like an exotic second honeymoon
Stroke it like a purring long haired kitten
Be as enthralled in it as your favorite childhood hobby
Revere it as the snooze five on a Monday morning
Revel in it, as your tired head would that soft pillow
Immerse yourself in it like your favorite new release
Taste it with your raw unguarded emotions
Touch it with the wisdom of your earnest heart
Scrutinize it with the clarity of your ever awakening spiritual eye
Hear it immersed with the inner strains of a celestial song
Echo it throughout your aligned incorporated being
Emanate it through the sacredness of everything you hold dear
Be it in every exaggerated engaged way
Expound upon it with the kindest intention
Awaken to the deliberate, conscious continuity of Celebrated Love
Make it your mainstay.
Make it your “go to”
Immerse with it
Take it over
Make it you
Jen Ward 7/13/14

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