Relax Your Atoms


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Here is an analogy to help you understand how to slip out of your problems. Problems are like a straight jacket. Worrying about problems is like trying to get yourself out of a straight jacket while you are thrashing around. There is no difference.
The way to get out of them is exactly the same way to get out of a straight jacket. Stop struggling, exhale your breath. lift your arms over your head and then untie yourself with your hands. You can do this but you have to do the first parts first so you can untie your hands.
When I try to calm someone down who is struggling. The first thing they do if their are not ready to be helped is to argue with me and tell me all their issues. This is them still thrashing around. They may have to tire themselves out first with worry or exhaustion before they are open to help. Do this for yourself without the worry and purging. Just simply take a deep breath and relax all your atoms. Imagine them expanding. It is like you would relax after you loosen your pants after a big meal.
Problems are easy to untie when someone isn’t tied up in themselves. Maybe this analogy of relaxing your atoms will help you easily slip out of problems.

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