The Great Oxymoron of Life


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Those of us who have been demoralized at the hands of others, have an aversion to an ego, any ego. Even our own. The ego is a great tool. It is a great assistant and manager. But when it comes to running the business, it gets derailed. It makes bad decisions and either hoards everything or gives the shop away.

We all have a sense of a big ego when it swings one way. When one is arrogant, dons superiority and is obnoxious in their self assessment. But those are not the egomaniacs that are an issue. They will get their lessons soon enough and are fine until they do.

The egomaniacs that are an issue, are those that are so adverse to abusing power that they take up the mantle of unworthiness. They wear it like an armor. They let people diminish them and are fine with that as long as they don’t get any limelight. These people are more obtuse in acting unworthy than the brute taking credit for everything. In fact, these people who diminish their self-worth, are in a way causing an imbalance in the world. Their inability to own a sense of self, causes the necessary of the balance of the opposite in the world.

The world as a whole will maintain its center. The reason there are so many imbalances between classes is,  because so many people are not willing to be empowered. They have been conditioned through social class, religious belief, or political standing to have deference for others. So it is really important, so very important, for those who have the awareness, to take back their empowerment. Those of us who have born in a position to choose, to take the hard stance of self empowerment.

If one is not inhibited by conditioning to allow less for themselves, then they MUST hold their stance of empowerment so that those who are in the most egregious conditions, can get empowered through osmosis. We must create a tipping point in the world of self-respect and worth so that others who are not in the position of being born into them can benefit from being empowered through our efforts.

I love to empower everyone around me. But then as I do that, I watch the very same people who I empower, turn around and diminish me. It is a strange phenomena. It is because we have been trapped in a linear perception of the world where we believe we can only sink or swim in relation to those around us. Meaning we have to compete for our existence. This is the great lie. There is enough Joy, love, abundance, success, freedom and peace for everyone as long as they maintain our own worth.

But the problem is not the people who are confident to own their confidence. The problem is the people who think it is spiritual to debase themselves. They are actually saying they are the best at being the least. So it is still an imbalance of the ego.  People have to be selfless enough to maintain their sense of self, so it doesn’t get into the hands of someone who will use it to diminish others. It is the oxymoron of life.


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