This Little Piggy Cried…….


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There seems to be a lot of commercials that highlight the taste and wonder of eating bacon. It is a campaign, no doubt by pig farmers. There is such a separation from the gluttony of eating as much bacon as possible and the little lives that are sustained in a state of torture to provide the bacon. Most people disconnect from the fact that there are living beings encapsulated in horrific inhumane conditions to bring that gluttony of bacon to your table.

The commercials aren’t asking you to eat enough meat to sustain your requirements of protein. They are associating it with one’s manhood, having a party, feasting and decadence. They are targeting a demographic that already pays little mind to the consciousness of life that is affected by them being manipulated and tethered to a primal urge for the conquest. Commercials are sophisticated developed forms of mind and behavior manipulation.

Knowing that commercials are a form of brainwashing, when ever I see a commercial that conditions people to eat more bacon, I infuse those commercials with images of screaming, crying , tortured pigs suffering in crates that they can’t turn around in. This is how I address the issue. If these commercials are a conduit for messaging, I infuse a message of the sanctity of life for the pigs into them. I may never know if they are effective or not. We will see if bacon sales drop off. But this is what I do to change the environment of indifference around the bacon eating issue.

You can do this too. Whenever you see commercials for bacon, think of the suffering screaming pigs that the bacon was made from and infuse their images into the commercial for everyone to see. If you see commercials with silly cows in them, infuse images of baby calves being ripped away from their mothers so that humans can steal their milk. This is what I automatically do whenever I see those commercials. In this way, compassion can be infused in how people treat other forms of life

One thought on “This Little Piggy Cried…….

  1. Just to pick up on a few comments on this post. I firstly agree 100% that animal welfare isn’t as top of the priority list as it should be on farms and could be across the globe. There is never a need to mistreat or neglect any animal full stop but not all farms do and it’s important to point that out.

    I’ve had many a conversation with people that refuse to believe me and gave two an open invitation to come stay for a weekend and find out first-hand how things are done – at least in our neck of the woods. They didn’t take me up on the offer but still insist on posting things with “99% of farms neglect, abuse and mistreat their animals” and it gets my back up because not only are they wrong but they flatly refused the chance to see for themselves why more than just 1% of farmers are decent.

    As I type there are a bunch of cows and young calves laying spark out sunbathing in the field behind me and on my life I have never – NEVER seen any calf dragged away from its mother in the way PETA makes out. Sometimes you get the odd cow that makes a rubbish mother and won’t let the calf near which would literally starve to death and so needs to be moved and bottle-fed but that’s the only time and reason cows are separated from calves here. May happen elsewhere (although not sure why it would!) but it’s not as commonplace as people are otherwise led to believe.

    Again not saying it never happens – of course it does but it shouldn’t which is why people should at the very least try to buy local produce and / or make sure it comes from a welfare assured farm.

    Eat very little meat anyway to be honest but all meat and dairy is local produce because I know the farms and how they keep their animals and can assure you if they didn’t look after them I wouldn’t touch anything they produced.

    In fact when I was first training one of my dogs the farmer fell in love with her because although very strong she never nipped, stressed or worried the animals and he pointed out that’s what most farmers want from their dogs. “The poorest farmers have the poorest produce and the most vicious dogs”

    So yeah whilst I agree for the most part – just needed to chirp up and say it’s not the case on every farm or everywhere. 🙂


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