You Are The Ninth Wonder


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Thank you all so much for being receptive to my help and to be open to sharing it with others. People are so battered and mistrustful from their experiences that they see contempt for anyone who is genuine. What is the angle? What are we subscribing to? The beauty of genuine truth is that you don’t have to sell your soul or allegiance to anyone to be assisted.

Angels aren’t regarded with cynicism. Is it too hard to believe that out of billions of people there are some who have come to earth truly to serve others? Isn’t that the goal of all of us at some point? Why is it so difficult to believe that someone would unselfishly share their intention to help others without making it contingent on a power trip or making a buck? Is it so hard to believe that one has stumbled upon one? I see angles etched in humans every day, in my friends here.

The satisfaction I get from knowing that my time here on earth has a benefit to others is priceless. To have a comfort level in my skin that is being seated in gratitude is unmatched by any glory. To know that whatever I have failed in human endeavors, by no means compares to the good I have done in sharing my abilities to comfort, support, heal, teach and inspire others. I highly recommend it.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and the love and kindness you share with others. Thank you for giving more than you take so that this earth can create a surplus to dry up all need. Thank you for sharing my posts that help others dry up all angst that prevents them from realizing their own greatness.

We are doing great things here with our presence. It matters little what physical eyes see us. Energetic hearts are being healed and spiritual paths are being cleared of all blockages. The hoops that one needs to jump through to embrace their own empowerment are being eradicated.

I love you all with your beautiful sincerity and resolve to overcome all that you have ever endured to transform into a spiritual butterfly. Thank you so much for sharing my posts and helping those we love to empower themselves. This world is starting to shine because of our efforts and that is more rewarding than any medal of honor or a pat on the back. Please continue to shine and love and spill truth all over the world. The perpetuating of love and kindness is the ninth wonder of the world. You are the ninth wonder.

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