Anger as a Tool


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We allow others to exist in our energy field because we love them and want to assist them. But when they start taking advantage of that kindness, using it as their own source or diminishing us, then we have to kick them out. Anger is an effective way for someone to do that. If there is someone who is not usually an angry person, but is getting angry, that is what they may be doing…kicking another out of their energy field.

Parents wonder why their sweet child turns angry. They blame it on puberty. But the child is doing what they can to become a sovereign energy system. They don’t understand the process either. It is a necessary step for a healthy energy system. Maybe this step was thwarted in some and why they are overdependent on parents and live at home.

Jen Ward

2 thoughts on “Anger as a Tool

  1. If we re angry as parents our kids will follow that path. Nice post. Insightful.

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