Draining the Hate


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

This is a great principle for depleting the world of hate. It is so simple. When someone is angry with you and is spewing hate at you. Let them. But don’t give them anything back but kindness and understanding of how frustrated and backed against the wall they feel.

Even if they are a real rat bastard, see the scared, diminished little person at the core using coarse energy to try and appear big. See them as the family member who is trying to get by whose opinions and views on life were skewed along the way. As you do this, just let them empty their bellow of anguish that is pointed at you.

If you don’t accept it, the energy of their tirade can pass right through. It can dissipate in the ether and unburden them of a tirade that they have been building up like a bank account. But once they blow their energetic was of hate, it is dissipate. It is gone.

The only thing that can replenish their tank of hate and injustice is if you feed them your energy. It will be temping to do but don’t .Watch the beauty of this perfect tactic. Watch all their frustration pour out of them in one desperate catharsis. Watch the hate drain out of them.

Once you see this work once, you are not going to mind when people get angry at you. You are going to use it as an opportunity to drain them of the hate. This is one of the most incredible tools that you can adopt.

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