One positive thought


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The law of attraction is more than a way to manifest what we want. It is a way of looking at the Universe and understanding our placement in it. Just like there are molecules that are positive and negative, people have an electrical charge too. They can either be positive and become a conglomerate of positive experiences. or they can be a part of the opposite. It is a choice at some point.

A person whom is aware actually chooses what kind of experiences they attract by where they put their thoughts. In the indifference of the world, it doesn’t matter to the Universe if you have a positive spin or negative spin on life. You will continue to exist and you will continue to be love at the core. But for the atom of God, it is easier to be immersed in uplifting experiences.

Just simply change your thoughts to positive ones. It seems so simplistic but who practices this regularly? Partaking in religions was supposed to do for us. It used to be that simple. But now there are layers of unworthiness and conditions put on our relationship with God that were not meant to be part of the original practice. Worshiping God was supposed to be a simple blueprint to maintaining a positive spin on life so we attracted positive things to ourselves.

Try it. Watch guard your thoughts as much as possible. Turn them all positive. Even if you don’t believe it totally, allow only positive statements to come out of your mouth. You can shift the whole dynamics of your life. I know some people who do this for everyone but themselves. It is important to include yourself in this exercise. As a matter of fact, if you indulge in negative beliefs, thoughts and statements about yourself, notice how quickly the Universe will turn around when you do this.

In doing this, you become a magnet of love in the Universe. You then become a vortex of love. You them become a moving force of love. You then may manifest your magnificence in all those around you and see it reflected in all those who greet you and the whole world. In doing so, maybe those around you will catch on and a transformation can happen in all the world. It starts with one positive thought.

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