Riding the Waves


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Some people have the assumption that life is easy for everyone but them. But some of us need the skill and precision of a gifted craftsman just to hold a positive stance at times. It is a skill just like anything else. But here is the thing…. All the energy you have been using to conform, be liked, blend, and seem happy can be freed up so you can free actually feel and be happy.

Try holding onto positive thoughts as much as possible. When you aren’t feeling happy, just hold a stance of nothingness instead of indulging in negativity. Watch for an opportunity to connect with happiness in some way and then grab and hang on. It is kind of like surfing. Waiting for a wave, always wait for the wave and ride it when the opportunity avails itself.

You will never see a successful surfer complaining about the sea. They see it as an opportunity to surf an adventure. That is exactly what life is too.

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