The Quality of Prayer


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Recently I facilitated an emergency session for a dog who was having issues. He was throwing up and losing weight and having a bad time of it. When I tuned into him, it felt that there were two issues going on with him. It felt there was an environmental poisoning and also an energetic influence.

His human mama said that he swam in a local pond and it was indeed possible that he had contracted something from that water. Some other dogs had gotten sick as well. The energetic influence, I saw being caused by the open invitation to pray for him.

Someone who was invited to pray for him was struggling themselves. They were not able to give the quality of assistance that was needed. They were trying to be helpful but their intention was tainted with all their own plights. I had to remove these from the area of the dog where the human told the people the dog was affected. They just aimed their intention right into the organ and it created what I saw as gray confusion in the area.

Prayer, like anything is dangerous if used incorrectly. Without even addressing the way people use prayer as a psychic coercion to forward their agenda, Prayer is an energetic intention. One is supposed to send the prayer to a satellite (GOD) and allow a neutral force to emanate goodness in all ways; like sun rays.

But people, some who aren’t clear, send their intentions right to a target and in doing so, may be influencing others in a negative way. Think of any intention as a water stream. When one is balanced, it may be clear. But when it has emotional pain, arrogance, desires or even mental imbalances, it can mean that their stream is not as pure as everyone thinks. Asking them to prayer for you, may be sending tainted energy to the issue.

Sending out the call for everyone to pray for them, is similar to asking everyone for donations of clothes. You are only going to get what they are able to give clothe themselves with. The second-hand clothes of those who wear casual is going to be casual.

This principle applies also to people who dabble in healing. In classes, when learning an energetic skill, the novice can be dumping their issues onto a partner when the trading system is used. The nature and fluidity of energy should be taught before anyone is encouraged to use it on people or animals. I have untangled the energy of many people who allowed others to work on them. The novice may benefit from working on trees because trees are able to take all energy and convert it into positive. They can even give instruction, to the human even if they don’t realize that they are receiving it.

There is a benefit to assistance. Just be sure to have an energetic filter up that can prevent anything but the love from coming in. I cleared the gray energy from the dog’s organs and I did give him a filter. I asked the mama to not put out blanket prayer requests and ask those who were only balanced and in a loving place for assistance.

A cleaner way to ask for help is to simply ask for love. Leave all intentions, agendas, emotional and mental aberrations out of it. Just request and give love and there will be less complications.

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