To Actually Count


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Do you really believe that you came to this life simply to conform and coast by? You are here to splash your awesomeness around, break down barriers, point out the bullshit, mix your intention into the meld. You are not an average of a focus group. You are the exception that the focus group is trying to figure out how to pin down. Don’t be pinned down.

Bob and weave through life-like it is nobody’s business. Because it is not. You are meant to confuse the numbers. Because you are NOT A NUMBER. How dare they try to figure you out. They don’t care about you. They are just hell-bent on collecting the dew of your essence in their convenient catch trap of conformity.

You know this. You see it everyday. Those in power don’t care about the individual. The individual, any individual who cares about you is ignored and their voice is thwarted. They are demonized, minimized and ignored. Don’t play their game. Don’t believe what you are told. Don’t attack those who are trying to empower the individual.

The powers that be want us to spew hate at each other. They want us to diminish each other. That is doing their job of minimizing the individual for them. They want us to get caught up in the sensationalization of shootings, bigots, big power brokers, displaced loyalty. All that dissipates our effectiveness in crumbling the energetic infrastructure of status quo.

See beyond the differences of those who are equally outraged. Don’t be afraid to be shmaltzy with kindness and consideration. Doing so will be overcompensating for an endless league of infractions against the dignity of humanity. If it assists the pendulum in swinging towards the sacredness of spirit; so be it. Every petty ego can take the hit for a greater purpose. This is what you are here to do; not to be counted by a consensus; but to actually count.

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