Where Truth and Love Began


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Speak in the language of the Gods
Unencumbered by the tongue
Dance your virile empowerment
A bastion of the young

Detach the talons of time and space
From the countenance of you
Shatter all disfiguring misnomers
From all you think, say, feel or do

Streamline your outer vision
All but kindness disallow
There’s no need to ask questions
Your true self knows the “how”

Debunk all the illusion
Of the pettiness of life
Divorce the “want”, “need”, “greed” and “power”
Take contentment as your wife

Do these things to heal the wounds
Inflicted by the pettiness of man
Your journey is always in the moment
Where truth and love began

Jen Ward 7/15

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