Expounding Love


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Every moment is an opportunity to pour love into the atoms of life that cross our path. These beings, in all forms, will continue on their journey. Yet the love that we give them can strengthen, encourage, enlighten and center them. Who knows what they will encounter. All we know is that we did our best to support them when we had the chance.

Let the love keep pouring out from an infinite source. Don’t diminish them or yourself by pretending to know what they are experiencing. That is their sacred dance with life. Give them all you can while knowing that you will never be depleted.
Allow your heart to feel vulnerable and raw in compassion for them. Give them the best of your love to spare them the heartache that you know you have experienced. Allow them to grow, react, express and experience life in the way that they choose. This is done with the intention of always expounding the love.

Doing so is an expansion of your own consciousness.

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