For Wellness


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Every Living thing responds to validation; specially your own body. When people get a diagnosis, they may partially shut down and try not to think about it. But a more proactive approach is to research the part of the body that is in distress; not to focus on all that can affect it; but to realize all the amazing functions that this organ does to sustain your life.

Each component of the body acts tirelessly in it’s prospective job. Inform yourself of what that job is and contemplate what that means to the whole body. Send that organ your appreciation and respect for it’s contribution. Send it energy in the form of love and light. If you are good at visualizing and sense any dark or tired areas of it, send light and encouragement into those areas.

Even if you are well, make a point of choosing an aspect of the body each day to send love and encouragement to. Please be certain to include fat cells. They do a wonderful job of insulating you from an emotion until you are capable of dealing with it. They are protecting you and they get a bum rap.

Every aspect of you is wonderful and beautiful. Please let it know that you know this.

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