Removing Interference s


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It is one thing to know what our issues are, it is another thing to have the courage to address them. I have been off energetic recently. I know a disturbance as soon as I experience it but it isn’t always easy to address. We are sound and light beings at our core essence. It is important to take into consideration the quality of sound and light in our environment. Anyone who reacts to harsh music or has an aversion to neon signs gets a sense of this.

My wonderful neighbors below me were affecting my health more than they could possibly realize. They are quiet respectful people and yet my energy was being affected by this one seemingly harmless act. They were using their overhead fan continually. It was under my feet. It was churning my energy field and working against the natural flow of my energetic spin.

I knocked on their door with a fan and asked them to do me a huge favor. They were so kind and gracious. They turned of the ceiling fan. I immediately felt peace. The atoms of my energy field are just now regaining their equilibrium. It feels like deep gratitude to have that interference removed.

We are all energy systems. If someone is having health issues, please remove all harsh noise, light, mechanics and people from their environment immediately. When different people who I have loved got the “c” word, there was always a thoughtless, loud, or angry neighbor or influence around them. Peaceful people need to allow the atoms of their energy field to vibrate without it being interrupted by harsh anything. It is not subject to reasoning. The only option the energy system will have to remain in tact, is to remove itself from the physical realm so it can regain its original gait.

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