Break the Chain


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

We have all been brainwashed. Programmed,conditioned and manipulated lifetime after lifetime to believe that we are insignificant. When the truth is that one of us alone is able to move mountains, entertain the masses and manifest inventions to bring harmony to a world of strife. But every time an inkling of individuality appears, we judge, demonize or medicate the person. This has been programmed into us too.

So many talented people who have become known to the world have cracked the code on how to do this. They have slipped through the cracks of conformity and shine above the shoulders of others. Either they wanted it more, were in more of a desperate state, were compelled down a certain path or had nothing else to use.

But look at what we have become as a whole. A bunch of busybodies looking into the windows of those whose lives seem more interesting and scrutinizing the details for the justification of our own complacency. Who cares what someone does, who they love or what they look like if we are happy with our own lives.

If I was in a supermodel body, people would take my message more seriously because they would be drawn like candy to the outer facade. But no. What I do for the world is more valid because I do it in a female form. Because I don a less comely facade. Find me without looking at the outer glitz. Then validate yourself without need to entertain like a performing monkey.

You are beautiful, intelligent, aware and worthy exactly in the skin that you’re in. You don’t need more success, to be thinner, younger or cuter to be loved and appreciated. How dare society make you feel this way. How dare society deem you a sinner if you don’t choose to be a parent or acknowledge that you remember your past lives.

Who is going to send you to hell if you realize you have lived before and are eternally living on and on. Think it through people. You are too savvy now to maintain the conditioning that we have all endured. Break the chain people. Free your leg and watch humanity run along side you.

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