How to Transcend


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Cut the Drama. The emotions are very low on the survival scale. Being reactionary is being in primal mode. So to be dramatic is to marry two low-level vibrations. Existing in them as a means to ensure that you will stay at a primal level of existence. One can not connect to truth and their deeper self if they are in reactionary mode. Even the crudest animals don’t do this. Being dramatic is a very ignorant way to entertain yourself and ensure attention. It is pulling humanity down.
Refrain from all derogatory verbiage and behavior. This includes to yourself. The humility that has been ingrained in humanity is a form of having people inflict self imprisonment on themselves. Humility is merely having the same sense of value for others as you do yourself. There is no need to lower the bar on all of humanity by seeing yourself or others as low-lives. Those who control others do not do this. So all individuals need to take this “edge” away from power mongers by reseeding humanity. We do this when we see everyone with value and worth.
Speak clear truth. Insults are not truth. Truth has a neutral charge, not a negative one. Truth is not opinions or anything that is heard in the media. Truth comes from a depth that strikes the censors of the gut and heart. Listening to lies is not being polite. It is behaving untruthful. If the neutrality of truth hurts, real truth, then it is layers of illusion being ripped off of someone who identified with the illusion. These layers need to go, from ourselves and all others. It doesn’t mean its our job to rip them off. It just means we shouldn’t cringe from the task when we are led to speak truth by our higher self.
Stop defending a cause. All causes and ideologies are of the mind nature. There is a more expansive consciousness beyond them. Defending any cause or ideology is stating to the Universe and all others that you are afraid to transcend. Fear is the opposite of love.
Please stop defending God. God is the Source of all in its true essence. God does not need defending. God does not need the ego stroked. God has no ego. Man has been duped into worshiping a man-made concept. Anything that limits, diminishes, judges and impinges the freedom of individuals in any way, is not mandated by God but the opposite. All of this worship of God in an unloving way towards others, is following false prophets. ALL OF IT.
Delighting in debate, opinions and other mind games is only indulging and entertaining the ego. Nobody has learned truth by talking. Talking is a means of emanating your vibration out to others to proclaim you exist. It is fear based. The louder someone is, the more afraid they are in energy. Think about the people who are playing their music really loud in the car. At the core, they are not doing it to be irritating. They are doing it because they are terrified. In energy, they are doing it to keep predators away. It is easier to have compassion for them when you can realize this. In the same way, those who lecture others and tell them what to do are terrified in energy of how little they know.
Stop competing with others. Stop one “upping” others. This means there is no hierarchy, comparisons, or trying to emulate others. Everyone is a starburst. Their uniqueness is in their unpredictable emanations. This is their display against the backdrop of conformity. If you try to align two starbursts, you hinder both of their patterns of emanation. You drop them both out of the sky.
Root for the other gal. Life isn’t about bettering others. Life is about all of us being the best. This is how we raise the bar on humanity. Those inspiring images of one runner carrying the other runner over the finish line is a great analogy of how to live. Lets carry each other over the finish line in all the ways that we can. Allowing ourselves to be carried over the finish line when relevant, is important too. Practicing random kindness is the mainstay in a loving existence. That is why being kind feels so good, it is contributing to raising the bar on humanity.
Stop converting all forms of abundance to the monetary system. It is old currency. Doing something that you don’t love, does not make you happy, taxes your body or makes you unhappy, is a form of selling your soul for money. Your energy system runs and thrives on joy, truth and love. If you do not love what you do, and it does not bring you joy, then you are not being truthful to yourself. An energy system that does what it loves, perpetually feeds itself. One that doesn’t, may have monetary wealth but taxes humanity in a different way. The rich think those who don’t generate great wealth are a tax on society. But those who live only to generate more wealth at the cost of clean and safe environment, are taxing all of humanity.
Bring creativity, imagination, individual expression and enthusiasm back to life. These were all but stripped out of humanity by the power mongers who tried to enslave us all to a linear existence. But they were not merely attempting to enslave us on earth, they were attempting to dry up our afterlife as well. Our afterlife consists of the God stuff we generate in this life. A renaissance of creativity and expression is needed. Not only to generate goodness on earth but to reseed the heavens. This is the great necessity of having children; to regenerate the imagination of us all. Programming them extra early with stringent schedules and computers, is robbing all of humanity of their childlike wonder as a resource to regenerate our own creative expression.
This is a short list. If people can digest some of these truths and emanate them out into humanity as a mainstay, we will well be on our way to getting back on course to world-wide peace.

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