Stranger that Fiction

Hi Jen,
I wanted to share something I find phenomenal with you.
At birth my husband had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. I think due to that it was was cut oddly. He has always had a little piece of the cord left that I could physically see. It would bother him if it was touched or messed with. I won’t go into much of his childhood except to say he was abandoned by his mother as a infant and left alone for days with only his 2 year old brother. His dad remarried and he had a Cinderella Step-Mother…….. So anyways lots of momma issues….. We did your taps for Mother and Father about 3 weeks ago. Today him, the kids and me were sitting around on our bed talking. I looked at his belly button and saw something popping out more than usual! I chanced it and grabbed it. 45 years later….. the rest of his cord separated and came out. We know it was from doing the taps in your book. A few minutes later he giggled and said it felt funny. Kind of cold and tingly . He said I wonder what this symbolizes? Than he said he was going to take a shower with his new belly button.

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