Through the Eyes of their Infinite Self


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

It is inspiring to see; as individuals; we are becoming so aware of ourselves as spiritual beings. What an AWAKENING! It is wonderful to have an overview of the lower worlds and to observe all the people wipe the slumber from their countenance.

We who are observing, represent all the great souls who have been watching, supporting, encouraging and working towards this time for so long. Those who are awakening may just be realizing how they have been supported through their darkest of illusions. As they have cried out their anguish, they have been celebrated for the opening of their spirit and every little victory along the way.

Life is a thing to be celebrated. The illusion of despair is being shattered. The vastness, expansion and continuation of the love is being realized. The tumbled glass of one lifetime; that we have been trapped under; has been shattered. We can now realize the vastness of our own truth and revel in it.

We are indeed a part of the all. We are a step in the journey. We are a great teacher, inspiration, healer and leader to those who are still awakening. They are dependent on us for their own position in this vast new awareness. With their hand on our shoulder, they are being led out of the dark. It is not a linear thing. It is exponential. Their love and purpose and drive to participate in this glorious dance of the expansion of life; is the catapult.

May all see their greatness through the eyes of their infinite self. May they see the greatness in all. May they awaken the sleeping multitude with their love and encouragement. May we all take great strides in the perpetuation of humanity on all levels. This is our deed. Love Bless.

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