Technique to Zap the Cravings


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

Did you ever see someone eating and get disgusted? You are seeing the energetic influences that are enjoying themselves through their meal. Did you ever feel disgusted at yourself when you eat? You are disgusted with these energetic parasites that are feeding as you eat. You didn’t think you were disgusted with yourself all this time, did you? It is these energies that cause one to crave.

Use the craving to draw out the energies and as they are feeding, zap them with incredible Light and Love and dissipate them. The next time you eat those sweets that you crave, try it.Think of the meal as the bait and you as one big bug zapper. As you eat the meal, notice how you are feeling. When you identify a loathing feeling, sap it with your higher intention of dissipating it. You will have just killed the energetic parasite. Keep mindful of identifying the feelings and zapping them out. Try it. It is empowering. It doesn’t take much to see a shift in your own cravings. All that will be left is the full feeling and the empowerment.

This works with anything out of balance. Anything that we overindulge in can be bait to zap these energies. Any addiction, or impulsive act can be zapped away with this technique. It is very freeing. Try it!

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