Dissolving All Karmic Ties


The third tap in the protocol for my work is about our connection with everything round us. When ever we touch, think, feel, or remember something, there is a tiny string of energy between them that we are strengthening with our attention. If we looked at ourselves from a certain energetic perspective, we would look like a cocoon wrapped in all these ties with everything around us.

The means to be free is to cut all these karmic ties yet still be here having the experiences that we enjoy. This is what is meant by the statement “To be in this world but not of it”. It is also the purpose of detachment. When one gives something their attention, they are creating more ties for it in this world. That is why all the campaigns to raise awareness are misguided.

It doesn’t look like any of the things that we raise awareness for are going away anytime soon. Because the attention we give them, actually ties them tighter into our world. We just become use to them and accept them as the norm. The people who bow out and refuse to give negative conditions their attention are actually doing more to benefit eradicating the cause than those who are dedicated their energy to it. This is why you will never see me wearing a pink ribbon. A pink ribbon is literally tying the “c” word into people’s lives.

The tap that is part of the protocol is to dissolve all those ties between yourself and something else. After you have removed all vows and agreements with it, have removed all passionate pleas; or curses with it. It is time to dissolve all karmic ties with it. So the tap would be: “I dissolve all karmic ties between myself and ___________, in all moments”

It is important to put yourself first in the statement. We are so used to taking the back seat to others that we will habitually want to state them first in the sequence. That would be wrong. It is important to get in the habit of putting yourself first in all things and this is the statement and practice to do so. We are taught that putting ourselves first is selfish or it is wrong to be self-centered. But this is the only place that we can be empowered; is in our own center.

Also, some other protocols may say to cut all ties. But some types of creative people will get distracted by the dangling strings that are created from saying it that way. Their mind may start getting distracted by concern of what the strings are doing. To dissolve them in the statement is the most efficient way to free one’s self.

Once one hears about this technique, they may want to go around and dissolve all karmic ties with everyone and everything. And they can. But when we give these things our attention again, it will just reconnect them. We would then digress to a series of mind loops to try to keep these connections severed. It could lead to a small bout with OCD. The more effective approach is to learn the whole protocol and run through it with everyone and everything that pulls on us. In that way, one is actually freeing themselves on a very deep level.

Think about it, to be free of the person who causes you the most angst. Or to be untethered to concepts of war and disease. That is what this protocol is all about. It sounds unfathomable because we have been tied up in them for so long that we have given up hope of being free of them. But once someone gets the undeniable sense of being lighter after using the protocol that I am sharing, they will want to use it over and over again to get themselves free.

The great thing is, the more we free ourselves, the more we free those around us. And if enough people learn the protocol and start using it, we can free a great part of the world from the karmic strings of many of the plights that have plagued the world. It is not done out of trying to control others. It is done by gently and methodically freeing ourselves, loosening the grip of these things so others can get on board and free themselves as well. It is the one way to empower ourselves and others and it is the total antitheses of what we are conditioned to do in the present.

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