Remove the Passageway to Hell


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

Did you ever notice that when someone believes something negative or derogatory, they want everyone else to believe it too? It is almost as if they are campaigning for it. It’s because they don’t want to be alone in whatever they do. They want to be supported by the mass agreement.

But here is the stark cold reality of life. Whatever truth you believe, whether it is the most positive scenario possible, the most horrific outcome either, or somewhere in the middle, that is YOUR truth. You continually face the truth of your own convictions. Everybody is right in their perception of truth. That is because we manifest our own reality and outcome in all things and all ways. In turn, we deal with the consequences of our truth as well.

Having said that, you may want to manifest the best damn positive outcome that you can possibly conceive by putting energy only into positive thoughts and beliefs. Because what you believe will be your truth and you will be facing it alone. No one can pull another into their hell and I can’t pull you into my heaven. All I can do is give you the tools to remove all the passageways into your hell so you can see your way to only Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom and Wholeness.

You are empowered. It has always been your choice.

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