The Difference Between Apathy and Detachment


So many people who follow a spiritual path have been practicing apathy and calling it detachment. This is just another way to maintain a level of denial yet do it while touting superiority. They will think that by being disinterested in the plight of others that they have achieved a great level of awareness. They have not. They are not only lying to others. They are also lying to themselves.

Detachment is actually the ability to look at any situation from a three hundred sixty point of view and see its pros and cons from each on of those viewpoints. Detachment would be very helpful in assisting the evolution of the planet because it would eradicate the “them vs. us” mentality that is used to pit demographics against each other and keep the world in a constant flux of infighting.

Any controversial issue would dry up if everyone could see all sides of it. In doing that, we would not fuel the divide that happens as a result. But that is not what we do. We choose the side that we are comfortable with and pour our approval into it. Then we feed the opposite vantage point even more by pouring our disdain into it. This is not advantageous for either side.

Someone who is truly detached, sees all situations from all sides and withdraws their energy from all vantage points so as the situations can dry up of their own accord. By doing this, the person is being a spiritual apparatus for love to pour into all sides of the situation and work out all issues. No matter how controversial they are. As a side benefit of this, the individual is privy to greater awareness, greater truth and greater love. They become a conduit of these things for the world.

What a person who merely says they are detached does is go into a state of denial in certain areas and proclaims it as a spiritual upgrade. There is a disinterest and an arrogance in doing this that creates a very dense apathy in the world. They think that it is spiritual to allow people to suffer with no compassion or understanding of their plight.

They simply say it is that person’s experience and remove themselves but without a remnant of love or compassion to add to the situation. They do not even take in the situation for self growth. They believe they know everything there is to know about a situation. They have shut down to truth in the name of detachment.

A callous of cruelty leaves its etching in such an individual; rather than the earmark of great compassion that earmarks an awakened soul. I experience this very regularly with people who believe they are spiritual when they are really practicing denial. When they lecture me from their “superior” calloused state.

They will say things to me in a very knowing matter like, “Don’t worry about who you reach with your message. You will reach the ones that you are meant to reach”

How will I do that if those who have the understanding of what I speak about are so disinterested in sharing my message or any message of truth because they have been confusing apathy for detachment? They do not look at things from my point of view of spending all of my existence to sharing truth yet being compartmentalized or having my purpose minimized by a trite response. How will I pierce the indifferent wall that they are also a part of?

In past eras, a person with an evolutionary means of bringing truth to the masses would simply be burned at the stake. Their truth would be folded into the lies to make the lies seem more believable. That would be the end of it. But a person with a great purpose and devotion for bringing peace and empowerment to the masses is treated more unkindly now.

They are ignored, minimized, rendered invisible, lectured by those who are trenched in the arrogance of the mental realms and made to compete with every sage, prophet, religion, inventor or celebrity who ever existed. They are subjugated into a deluge of media hype and rhetoric where the bullies of the world and the most affluent people are Gods? How can truth compete with an enthralling feud between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift on behalf of Kanye?

The fact that I spend all my lifeblood sharing universal long forgotten truths is lost on a fractured and crippled world. The fact that I make truth relevant and understandable for mainstream and is sanctioned by the Ancient Ones, is rendered less dynamic through the indifference that I am met. The fact that I am able to teach anyone how to empower and heal themselves is deemed irrelevant to a world that is enslaved and indoctrinated to a belief and mentality that individuals are powerless.

The fact that I challenge every concept that the masses have become too weary to challenge for themselves is missed. The fact that most of the time I am merely transcribing for the ancient ones is lost too. Who am I to think I matter? I know what I have survived in order to share what I do. I know how humanly impossible it would be to still thrive under the loveless conditions I have endured unless I was supported by some invisible force. Who are you to think I don’t matter? Who are you to think YOU don’t matter?

My books of truth are lost in a deluge of manuals on how to eek happiness and success out of this scripted existence. Yet I have been compiling techniques and ways to escape the sarcophagus of this reality for years. While others are busy on vacation, holidays, forging relationships and opinions, I am here writing.

I am here healing. I am here teaching. And although I am told in multiple ways and on many different levels, how much I don’t matter, here I am still showing up. I am still writing and figuring out how to make people understand what is possible through assessing their own empowerment. How are you challenging the illusion that you don’t matter in your life?

So many people are sitting back waiting to be saved by a superior race. We ARE the superior race. The mechanics of how to evolve is held in a blueprint that you are able to access within yourself. I show you how through my writings.

Challenge the apathy that you have deemed detachment. Awaken to your own empowerment. By doing so you are the way\shower of awakening. YOU. You matter that much. Really. I wouldn’t be wasting my energy being here if you did not. So please recognize your true worth. I see you. If you would recognize me a little more. That would be really appreciative. With your assistance the wall of apathy can be dissipate. Truth and Love will prevail. Kindness is prevalent here then, as well.

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