The Fruit of My Intention


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We were all out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory on a busy Saturday Night. My first book signing was a success. So everyone who came from out-of-town or out of the country to be a part of it were celebrating. The conversation steered around to vacationing in Florida. A couple who lived there were discussing that their only vacation since moving there was to Sea World.

I made a flippant remark, hoping that I was not up to speed on this issue. I asked, “Did they free Shamu yet?”

The husband was quick to respond. He told me how happy Shamu was in captivity. He explained how loved and well cared for Shamu is. The wife interjected how much the staff adores the inhabitants of Sea World. She was really convincing in how happy everyone was. I took them for their word. I don’t go looking for opinions on matters that don’t come into my personal realm.

But then the husband did something to convince me. He brought out photos of the trip on his phone. Little did he know what he was triggering in me. He brought it into the personal realm for me. He showed me Shamu performing in the tank. I lost it.

All I saw was this great big dynamic life form. Trapped away from all the other dynamic beings of his kind who were frolicking in the ocean. Oh yes he was privy to them all. Yes, he had access to all that they had access to through subtle senses that humans choose to ignore in themselves and other beings. He was well aware of what he was missing by not being out in the ocean. He did not feel special for performing for people. They were like minnows to him in comparison. Humans flatter themselves so, and think their praise is worth the confinement. It is not.

Of COURSE he missed being in the ocean with his extended pod. Of course he was not happy answering to the whims of petty humans. Their adoration meant nothing compared to being separated from the connection and expansiveness of being in the ocean with his own kind. All I saw was the small container he was in, compared to vast ocean that the others were experiencing right out of his physical reach.

My response wasn’t mental or even emotional. It was primal. I was already sensitive from being present in a new and dynamic way in the world at my first book signing. I was surrounded by people who respected me and my work. We were old friends who hadn’t met in the physical skin until this weekend. The book signing, assisting in welcoming a new dynamic level of awareness into the world was the reason we were all present.

For the first time in this life, I was not invisible or competing for an excuse to show up. The work I am doing, the reason I incarnated now, and the incredible golden footprint that I am leaving on this planet were all being realized. The backdrop of this fabulous restaurant with a group of dynamic people who value me were factored in. Yet seeing Shamu isolated from every one of his free relatives and constricted in a container hit me like being in a sarcophagus myself; as I politely viewed the picture.

Right there in a booth for eight, right in the middle of the Cheesecake factory on a busy Saturday night, without any control or restraint, I burst into volatile sobs for Shamu. It could not be stopped. The primal sobbing lasted for a few minutes. I did not care about anyone around me. I did not care who saw me or who heard me. I was releasing for Shamu and myself.

It is hard to describe the angst that goes through me when something like this happens. It was me tapping into the sweet Innocence of my baby kittens who don’t know anything about suffering or cruelty. It is me hellbent on them never knowing it. That is the primal consideration of every loving parent right?

On the other end of the spectrum is the devastation of a beautiful superior being kept from the simple joy of freedom and being kept from the interaction of his own kind. He is someone’s child. Everyone who is exploited, imprisoned, diminished, or abused is someone’s child. This is where I go energetically. The pain of the contrast is too great to be held in. It must be released in myself and in the world.

I only hope my catharsis was directly for Shamu. I hope it eased any angst in him, if there is indeed angst in him; and perhaps in all the multitudes. May he and all those who are separated from their joy, get a sense of how temporary the separation is and how subjective time and space are. My true wish for all souls everywhere is that they all, we all, are consciously reconnected with our primal joy. That is the whole of my intention in the world. That is my whole purpose for being here in the world now and the motivation behind every word.

May you, and everyone experience the fruit of this intention.

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