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If someone tells you a lie,
Use it to discern your truth

If someone tells you that you’re ugly
Show the world how beautiful you really are

If someone tells you that you’re wrong
Prove to yourself that you are right

If someone stomps on your dreams
Breathe life into them with your wonder

If someone tries to discredit you
Let your integrity and grace discredit their claim

If someone tries to pull you into their quicksand
Hunker into your stance and reclaim your empowerment

If someone asks something of you in sincerity
Introduce them to the depth of their own capabilities

If someone tries to stroke your ego
Brush off their gross offense

Show them how to greet you
In the neutrality of Love’s breath
Emanate from within and reflect their light back to them
Whisper their greatness in the resonance of pure song
Lead them into the forever of a moment
as their own single strain of an ancient celestial song

This is why you have landed here
Not to be defeated in the illusion of pain
But to instill your loving essence on the “All of Life”
You are the wonder
You are the moonbeam’s inspiration
You are the rainbow’s muse

Don’t you DARE be defeated by the ignorance of a lie.
Don’t you crumble to a crumb of arrogance
Don’t you dare desecrate such marvel with self indulgence
You are part of a greater vision.
Accept your status in the eternal state of wonder
With the maturity of an aware lens.
Align yourself perfectly with the dance of each atom and planet.

And find your own rhythm and pace with love….
….. in all that you do.

Jen Ward 7/15

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