The Tree and the Bush- A Love Story


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

There is  a prickly bush outside my front door. It has not been my favorite bush. I had wanted to remove it but didn’t have the heart to. Who am I to snuff out its life on a whim? So I trimmed it way back and just tolerated it. There were weeds growing in its core but I couldn’t get them all out. The weeds ended up to not be weeds but a maple tree. It was growing in the middle so I couldn’t remove it.

This year, I see a maple tree growing out of the top of the bush. The bush being so prickly, saved the tree from being weeded out. The tree has such an incredible presemce and is getting so big that it is becoming a pride of my yard. The bush saved the tree so it could grow, and now they seem to have an synergy as they grow. The growth of the tree seems to be encouraging the self esteem of the bush.

I figured out why the bush and the tree seem so wonderful together. They are in love. They are grateful for the other that gives them company and elevates their worth. The love is palpable between them. You can feel it when you look at them. There is no way to separeate them. They are too important to each other

Humans think that love is an emotion reserved for their species alone. But just because it looks different in other species does not mean it doesn’t exist. Look for the love stories around you and you will find them. The love is incredible.

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