Accept Peace


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We think that if we all had the opportunity for peace that we would embrace it wholeheartedly. Even the most spiritual savvy souls have to remind themselves not to process peace as boredom. They have to discipline themselves not to kick up the dust of old issues to feel like they are being proactive.

We are in a different energy cycle. We have to learn to relax into a more expansive state of consciousness. It is not done by doing more. It is done by relaxing into the moment and allowing your atoms to expand more than you ever have. It is about trusting the process of trusting the moment.

Here is a rule of thumb: If nothing needs to be done, don’t go looking for something to do. If you have no clear direction from your inner compass, do nothing until you do. This allows the old energies to untangle themselves and allows old behavior of knee jerk reactions to dissipate.

This creates an upgrade in your energy system and re-calibrates all your current thoughts, feelings and behavior. When someone tries to create a reaction in you, it means they are afraid of the upgrade in the programming of humanity. Just notice what is happening and allow the attempt to pass by unsuccessfully. Doing anything reactionary does yourself and the world a disservice.

(say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)

“I declare myself a surrogate for humanity in doing these taps; in all moments.”
“I release dredging up disappointment to avoid peace; in all moments.”
“I release the aversion to accepting peace; in all moments.”
“I release avoiding peace; in all moments.”
“I release processing peace as boredom; in all moments.”
“I make space in my Beingness to accept peace; in all moments.”
“I remove all blockages to accepting peace; in all moments.”
“I stretch my capacity to accept peace; in all moments.”
“I send all energy matrices into the light and sound that have an aversion to peace; in all moments.”
“I command all complex energy matrices that have an aversion to peace to be escorted into the light and sound; in all moments.”

One thought on “Accept Peace

  1. Jen. Thank you so much, for taking the time to Thoroughly explain this out., and the directive..this allows me to genuinely Relax..thanks very much for the follow up tap after the re-cast…i am actually feeling it, that I am over a hump and next moves are for me deliberately imperative, for me to Learn how to relax. not just for me but as a conduit blueprint. Yes its as youv’e been sayin all along. but the Taps CAUSED the shift.. and your explaination cause Understanding. AND since I can Trust you I will . with out the taps ..I couldn’t do it.thank you for being available to me..and to the world at Large..I get the impression I CAN do this , and that I will be there. It’s amazing.(relief).


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