An Extension of Our Own Beingness


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

Please stop telling yourself that you are bad in any derogatory way. Honor all aspects of yourself for their service to you. Please don’t admonish them for doing their best.
Fat cells are little soldiers protecting you from harm.
The pain in your arm that is called carpal tunnel is your escape from doing time in a linear prison of a job you hate.
Pain in your body is your way of opting out of a reality that is demanding and unkind.
Being considered less beautiful was a choice you came in with so you could be considered at more than the surface level. Perhaps you were sacrificed for your beauty and it is safer to have average appeal.
Maybe being born with a disability was your way of learning lessons from a cruel world while opting out of the competition to be the best.
Having medical issues is a great filed study in compassion.
Being born short is a literal means of changing your vantage point to gain awareness.
Having one of your senses taken away is a means to awaken to your more empowering subtle senses.
Losing someone is a means of realizing how to hold all you love dear within your realm.
If we are born gay, perhaps we were dealt much cruelty in being in a male or female body, that the only way we can get our experiences with the opposite sex, is within the safety of being the same-sex.
If we are transgender, perhaps we are the one who has arrived at an awareness that does not have to compartmentalize our experiences to just identifying with one sex.
Feeling the pain of others is an incredible gift of awareness of the reality of life
Being unappreciated by others is a way to glean self-love.
Being hated within a family is a great way to meet your enemies up close and diffuse old grudges.
Turning away from Religion perhaps is a way to turn away from man-made law that has used God to manipulate the heart and will of the group consensus
Losing anything shifts ones vantage point from a complacency, that is necessary to remove to be more present with life.
Not attracting a mate, abundance, or certain experiences that we long for, may be something that we set up in a past life through the vows we have taken. When we took vows in past lives, we took them forever and the effects of them may still be playing out.
We are not being punished by our circumstances. We are being given incredible opportunities to thrive, awaken, gain flexibility and awareness to transcend. In transcendence we realize that nothing was ever kept from us. That we were always able to benefit from it by seeing it in those around us. Everyone and everything that we witness, is an extension of our own beingness. Realizing our relationship with them is a first step in our own empowerment.

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