An Open Heart and a Willingness to Attend.

The remote group Sessions that I facilitate have been received very well. Many of those who have began attending them, 2 years ago, still continue to attend. It is an hour of intense but gentle energetic releasing of old issues. Afterward, it leaves the group bonded in love and goodwill. Sometimes the most difficult part of the call is to coax the attendees to hang up afterward.

Through the call, I use my Shamanic skills to convert the attendees old issues; which I perceive as stagnant energy, into sounds. It may take a little bit to get use to the sounds but being in a group session makes it easier. Also, when the attendees feel lighter and more relaxed, they realize that tolerating the discomfort of the sounds has a great payoff.

I also lead the group through a series of taps that are formulated to address their specific issues. I get a sense of what each attendee needs to release and am able to assist. We also perform taps as surrogates for humanity. The intention is to address the issues that are necessary to release for more rapid Universal shift in consciousness. Perhaps you have been feeling a change happening in the last couple years. Perhaps these sessions are a catalyst to manifesting an awakening of the world. Come join us and decide for yourself.

I will be giving a sound healing session for all those who sign up for the Retreat September 8-9 before August 1st

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