Do Plants Fall in Love?


I have this aquatic plant that outlived the fish in the bowl. It didn’t grow. It didn’t change. It just was a live plant that I used to filter my cat’s water. They enjoy drinking out of its vase so it was feeling useful still. I decided to get some bamboo to create a filtered water dish for my dog. Bamboo are harmless plants to cats and dogs too.

One stalk was extra long. The cats kept pulling it out of the water bowl as a toy. I spared it this humiliating experience by putting it into the vase with the other aquatic plant. There seemed to be and instant chemistry between them. They seemed to really enjoy each other. It was a very real sense that I got.

Both plants looked like they hadn’t grown at all in forever….until they were united. Now, they are both experiencing a growth spurt that looks like love. It is so amazing to see both of them shoot up at the same time. It can only be explained through love.

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